A Self-Drive Tour Through The USA

Tours require a lot of planning, because you have to think carefully about yourself where you want to go, what you want to see and where to stay.

To assist you while planning your rental car to tour optimal, we have picked out three possible routes for a journey through America for you.


1) Highway 1

This route goes from Los Angeles to Seattle, from Coast to Coast. Through the spectacular variety of beauty through the geological formations on the coast, is a journey that you will never forget again, the road trip through America.

A self-drive tour from south to north America is definitely an unforgettable experience for you and your passengers, because, along down to the car, such as the typical American Cadillac on the California coast and see next to you the sparkling sea, is an incomparable experience.


A tip: take enough time for the Highway 1, so no rush comes up and you have plenty of time all cities and landmarks such as Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, Big Sur, Monterey and its beach, San Francisco, Berkeley, the Golden Gate Bridge to be able to visit Redwood National and State Park, Crescent City, McKenzie River, Sahalie Falls, Clakamas River and Washington on your tour in the US.


2) Las Vegas - Los Angeles

You want with your family or with friends make an exciting tour of America and get to know many sights and doing but have no idea where you want to go long? Then we have with this tour a great idea for you. And it was not just an unforgettable experience, with, for example, take the Chevy Camaro in Las Vegas on the way and to be able to see the lights of this incredible city still in the rear-view mirrors, this typically American cars? If you take a self-drive tour from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, you can visit many great sites on the four- to five-hour drive away. A Prev Text  A Car For The Summer  Airport Transfers Dalaman To Marmaris.