Our recommendations for your car Christmas

Surely you've already thought of everything: the lights and garlands to fix, the Christmas tree to be recovered in the cellar, the moss for the crib to be collected in the country, and perhaps even to the recipes for Christmas dinner.


But maybe you have forgotten something equally important: you booked your car hire for the Christmas holidays?


The demand for rental cars during the Christmas season reaches levels comparable to those of the summer holidays: however, it often happens that those who want to move between December 20 and January 6 with a car "forget" to book in advance. In these cases, if all goes well, you spend a lot more; if it goes wrong, you will not get an auto or available, however, the category of car you want.


Then, follow these simple tips our, and your Christmas holidays will start smoothly or exhausting file in the offices of the car.


Book early and compared rates


The first week of December is the best time to compare prices and make your own choice. This is because it is also the time when the car rental companies are chasing customers by offering discounts particularly high.


The benefit is twofold: those who book spend less and choose better, who provides the car ensures a "capital" important Bookings important during this strategic period, and can be programmed with more calm day "difficult", that is, those of the third and fourth week of December.


If you need the GPS, or car seats for your children, or snow chains, no problem! But the important thing is to show them your needs when you make the reservation.